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Save your TIME and MONEY! Be smart, use SEG it's a matter of minutes! Software FOR Engineers, made BY Engineers!

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What We Have?

Having a vast knowledge in many industries especially in oil and gas related ones, together with several applications backed with products from reputable partners.

What We Can Provide?

We provide design, consulting and inspection services to Fixed equipment manufacturers and designers . We are knowledgeable in the latest industry trends, standards, technologies, and codes requirements. We provide a holistic design view and evaluate each project and its unique requirements, goals, and challenges, at the initial design phase. Our holistic design approach brings critical decision making to the forefront, engaging the client and entire design team in making decisions to align expectations, improved design and coordination efficiencies while maintaining budget forecasts.


Ease of Modeling

Fabrication details for shell courses, plate sizes, edge preparations, weld types, and other production details are quickly and easily specified. A complete vessel design can be configured and detailed in less than two hours including the automatic generation of drawings, bill of material, Material Cost Report, and all other reports.

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